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    One set of The Savage Vixens social club patches - additional sizes available upon request

    The white background glows in the dark.  GLOW THREAD IS VERY SENSITIVE TO HEAT AND WILL MELT WITH DIRECT CONTACT OF A HOT IRON.  I strongly suggest that patches with glow thread be sewn on but if you are going to iron these on, set the iron on low heat (the iron on process will take longer at the lower temperature).  A practice patch will be sent with each purchase.

    Top Rocker - approx 2.6" tall x 10.2" wide
    Center piece - approx 5.5" tall x 12.5" wide
    Bottom Rocker - approx 3.4" tall x 8.3" wide
    Name tag - approx 1.6" tall x 4" wide
    Four pieces total in the set