• Northern Lights Wolf - embroidered patch


    This listing is for an actual embroidered patch.

    The beautiful artwork was designed by the folks at Urban Threads which I have converted into a patch. If you want the digital embroidery file so you can stitch it out yourself you can get it from their website at www.urbanthreads.com

    This patch is available in 4 sizes:
    X-LARGE - approx 11.5" tall x 5.9" wide
    LARGE - approx 9.5" tall x 4.9" wide
    MEDIUM - approx 7.5" tall x 3.8" wide
    SMALL - approx 5.4" tall x 2.8" wide

    This patch can be ironed on, sewn on or glued on. Sewing it on is the most secure method. 

    This patch is made with polyester thread. Please set your iron accordingly. A setting for "cotton" is too hot and can melt the patch. Iron-on instructions will be included.