Main St. Pachyderms Social Club patches - password required

Please type in the password associated with this club. Thank you.

One set of Main St. Pachyderms Social club patches - additional sizes available upon request.

LARGE SET - all 3 patches fit in an area of approx. 15.5” tall x 12.5” wide
Top Rocker – approx. 4.2” tall x 12.5” wide
Center piece – approx. 11” tall x 7.8” wide
Bottom Rocker – approx. 2.8” tall x 8.7” wide

MEDIUM SET - all patches fit in an area of approx. 14” tall x 11” wide
Top Rocker – approx. 3.7” tall x 11” wide
Center piece – approx. 9.7” tall x 6.9” wide
Bottom Rocker – approx. 2.5” tall x 7.7” wide

Name tags are approx. 1.6” tall x 4” wide - $5 each - please add to cart separately.

All the patches can be ironed on, sewn on or glued on.  Sewing them on is the most secure method.

****** These are made with polyester thread.....set your household iron accordingly.....a setting for "cotton" is too hot and will melt the patch. A practice patch will be sent with each club set purchase. ******