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    One set of Lost Skippers SC patches  - password required

    2 sizes available:

    11" round size:
    Top rocker approx 3.8" tall x 11.1" wide
    Center piece - approx 11" round
    Bottom Rocker - approx 3.8" tall x 11.1" wide
    SC - approx 2.4" tall x 2.2" wide

    10" round size:
    Top Rocker - approx 3.5" tall x 10.1" wide
    Center piece - approx 10"round
    Bottom rocker - approx 3.5" tall x 10.1" wide
    SC - approx 2.1" tall X 1.9" wide

    Name or Rank tag: - approx 1.7" tall x 4" wide - please add to cart separately.

    The patches can be ironed on, sewn on or glued on.  Sewing them on is the most secure method.  I use Heat-N-Bond Ultrahold as the iron-on adhesive.

    ****** These are made with polyester thread.....set your household iron accordingly.....a setting for "cotton" is too hot and will melt the patch. ******


    All copyrights and trademarks of the characters images used belong to their respective owners and are not being sold.  This item is not a licensed product and I do not claim ownership over the logos or characters used in the patch.  Please note that you are only paying for the time and materials it takes to make the patch.  Thank you


    Iron-on instructions: Peel off the backing and place patch on your garment where you want it. Place a paper towel or thin cloth over the patch (so you do not get adhesive stuck to your iron). Then place hot iron over patch and hold for about 15-20 seconds. Remove the paper towel/cloth and LET THE PATCH COOL. Once cooled, turn over and do the same to the other side. You will not need the paper towel/cloth this time but be careful not to burn your garment with the iron.