• Licensed Material Kitchen Set - Yoda-coffee mug


    Sold as a 3-piece set - Since it was so hard to find interesting towels and oven mitts I thought I would make some myself.  These are made with licensed material/fabric. 

    The oven mitts and finger mitts are made with Insul-bright batting (contains a metal mesh to help protect your hands - DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE!!!) 

    The kitchen towel measures approx 15" x 25" (slight variations depending on where I can find the blank towels). 

    The Finger Mitts are designed for STOVE TOP use and measure approx 4" x 6.5". 

    The Pocketed Oven Mitts can be used to pull hot items out of the oven (an extra layer of batting in that one) and measure approx 7" x 8.5".