• Licensed Fabric Kitchen Set - Haunted Mansion


    Sold as a 3-piece set - These sets do cost more since the fabric is very hard to obtain (and expensive).  It has the green and black stripes along with the purple Damask wallpaper design on the Pocketed Oven Mitt...the Finger Mitts also have the green and black stripes and a smaller print version of the Damask wallpaper design.

    *** the last image shows a close up of the "flawed" set.  The "portraits" are crooked on the pocketed oven mitt***

    Since it was so hard to find interesting towels and oven mitts I thought I would make some myself.  These are made with licensed material/fabric.

    The oven mitts and finger mitts are made with Insul-bright batting (contains a metal mesh to help protect your hands - DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE!!!)

    The kitchen towel measures approx 15" x 25" (slight variations depending on where I can find the blank towels).

    The Finger Mitts are designed for STOVE TOP use and measure approx 4" x 6.5".

    The Pocketed Oven Mitts can be used to pull hot items out of the oven (an extra layer of batting in that one) and measure approx 7" x 8.5".