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    One solid patch for Galactic Scoundrels Social Club

    Available in the following sizes:
    X-LARGE - approx 12" tall x 11.5" wide
    LARGE - approx 11" tall x 10.7" wide
    MEDIUM - approx 10" tall x 9.7" wide
    MED-SMALL - approx 9" tall x 8.8" wide
    SMALL - approx 8.2" tall x 7.9" wide
    X-SMALL - approx 7.2" tall x 7" wide

    Blaster Center Piece Design -

    approx 13" tall x 9.8" wide -  hat will glow in the dark

    Approx 15" tall x 11.2" wide  - hat will glow in the dark

    Falcon GS patch - approx 5.2" tall x 4" wide - $15 - "GS" glows in the dark 

    #we_rep_the_light-side - approx 1" tall x 6" wide - $6

    The hat and stars are made with glow-in-the-dark thread which is sensitive to heat.  A practice patch with glow thread will be included with every purchase so you can adjust your iron accordingly.  Iron on instructions will also be included.  However, I always suggest that these patches be sewn on for added security.  Iron at your own risk.