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    What color do you want your background to be? Light blue, dark blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange, pink, gray, etc.

    One set of Kingdom Seekers Social Club patches - iron-on - Choose your background color - red, blue, purple, green, pink, orange, etc.

    Top rocker = 3.7" tall x 10.7" wide
    Center = 8.9" tall x 11.5" wide
    Bottom rocker = 3.7" tall x 10.7" wide
    SC = 2.3" tall x 2.1" wide

    Top rocker - 2.9" tall x 8.5" wide
    Center = 5.1" tall x 6.7" wide
    Bottom rocker - 2.9" tall x 8.5" wide
    SC = 1.7" tall x 1.6" wide

    A total of 4 patches per set

    All patches can be ironed on, sewn on or glued on.  Sewing them on is the most secure method.  If you are going to iron these on, keep in mind that they are made with polyester thread and set your iron accordingly....a setting for cotton is too hot and will MELT your patch.

    Glow thread background sets have a white thread color during the day and glow in the dark with a greenish tint to it. - Be especially careful if you are ironing on the glow patches as the glow thread will melt almost immediately if placed in direct contact with a hot iron.  Iron-on instructions and a practice patch are included with all patches.